What we do

We imagine and create extraordinary
content for people by synergizing
media and creative.

Our capabilities

We are a collective of 105 creatives that imagine and create content in the broadest sense. With expertise ranging from influencer marketing and branded partnerships to full blown branded content campaigns that cover ever touchpoint you can think of. In our collective an unique combination of technology and design is fused together to come up with remarkable and extraordinary solutions.

We are part of WPP and GroupM, hence the name StudioM ;) The biggest media group in the Netherlands. Being part of this organization enables us to work closely together with the best media specialist there are. And because we share a lot of clients together and work for years together we are able to really build upon each other’s capabilities. Synergy between media and creative is what is at the center of the way we work and believe we can do our best work. If you want an agency that really knows how to empowers creative work we know where to find it.
All our creatives have started their career in the social era. A world without it simply does not exist in their mind. We tend to think of social as the new mass media when done right. And have a unique approach that drives the success behind the work we do. Native content creation for the platform. Using the right channel for the right audience. And not just using it as a media placement but to achieve brand objectives. We like to think of social as an opportunity to drive and change behavior not just reach. In big and small ways. Brand focused, performance focused or both.
Brand partnerships
We have been building brand partnerships for years. And just like any good relationship, they become better and more interesting along the way. Our way of working is nothing like a normal mediabuy. We believe that partnering up and looking for synergie is the only way to archieve extraordinay results. From podcast, to videoformats and from branded content in blogs to brandintegration in televisionprogramming. We work with the biggest contentplatforms in the Netherlands like: Linda, DPG and also together with the Netherlands biggest TV program producers like Talpa and RTL.
Influencer marketing
Although relatively young, the Influencer market has witnessed significant growth and now plays a crucial role in shaping modern brands. At StudioM, we embrace a comprehensive approach, supported by a dedicated team that employs both disclosed and non-disclosed strategies for influencer marketing. Recently, our collaboration with the WPP-acquired company Goat has opened up exciting new possibilities, elevating our efforts to a whole new level.
When it comes to non-disclosed influencer marketing we are able to connect connect our big range of creatives from StudioM with content creators. By bridging this gap, we can establish the perfect synergy between brands and influencers. Because our aim is not only to boost engagement and expand reach but also to craft captivating brand stories and develop distinctive campaigns that achieve exceptional results.
We are a creative collective brought together in one studio were ideas freely flow and experts can easily connect and work together to generate extraordinary work. We have a wonderfull mix of digital designers, copywriters, creative developers, creative leads, immersive designers, videographers and strategist. Think of it as it a crazy zoo full of creatives, a playground to have serious fun. Do you need to get a specific job done, we can do it. Do you have a challenge that seems impossible to archieve. We will make it happen. That is not an empty promise. If it doesn’t exist, we built it. To be honest, our creative developers do. But that is not the point. It is our belief that creativity is what propels brands forward and we got plenty of that.
We love superb execution. We proud to have great designers, animators and editors in our team that make a big idea also look good. So next to creating things we also love to come up with a great idea. Sparked by a great insight. Translated by talented strategist from an overarching brand strategy. It takes a unique team of talents to pull that off the right way. To create something that can breakthrough in today’s busy media landscape. We think that every challenge and question of a brand is unique. It sometimes needs brand strategy, design thinking, cutting edge technology or a combination of three. It is what we love to do. To help brands progress is what we are made for.